Sumidenso Automotive Technologies Asia Corporation

A subsidiary of Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

SAT-A is proudly one of the Global Technical Centers for Automotive Wiring Harness Business in Sumitomo Group's Global Automotive Business Operation.

The Sumitomo Group is the world's top class in Wiring harness related Business.

We aim to enhance and strengthen our established businesses by Developing Better Organizational Structure and Capabilities, further strengthen the Power of Execution and Proactively Enhance Competitiveness of personnel for our expanding visions.

We believe our strong perspectives, for we continuously develop excellent personnel into high levels of specialization and expertise, promote transparency and visibility of our own-processes and reinforce several activities to achieve customers’ satisfactions.

Wiring Harness

We aim to accomplish roles and responsibilities as global technical center by direct and proactive contribution to SWS Group’s profitability and competitiveness in the global wiring harness business activity, including dispatching support for development and design related activities at local and overseas affiliate companies.

Designing of Automobile Wiring Harnesses, as the prime or major business of (SAT-A) is significantly expanded over the years, ever striving to achieve even greater competences and operational excellence.

SAT-A further contributes to cost reduction in SWS global activity with its efficient and responsive ICT services and software development on manufacturing, design engineering, office and business related systems.

Software Development

SAT-A additionally aims to provide consistent and reliable capability with its centralized management activities in the aspect of quality, cost and delivery control of automotive wire harness materials for its affiliate companies.